Dimming glass can present a clear image through the back projection of the projector while controlling the ambient light when the power is off. Combined with the infrared touch frame, it forms a large- -size “tablet computer” (which can be up to 130 inches in size), creating a new projection Field. Meetings and teaching are most appropriate.

  • 180-degree viewing, no image distortion.
  • Glare without the traditional light.
  • Instead of an expensive LED display, it saves a lot of space.

When the smart glass switchable layer is matte and without electricity, its quality and consistency make it ideal for rear projection.

(It is also suitable for front projection but requires an extra layer of reflective material. This will reduce the clarity of the screen in a transparent state and the image quality will not be the same as rear projection.)

Our company YuGuang has a global reputation for award-winning innovative display products. So you can rest assured that the performance of our switchable glass projection screen can pass the test.

Switchable projection screens can be made of toughened glass or lightweight acrylic, depending on your installation requirements.

For even more functionality, touch-enabled smart glass projection screens can also be granted to provide interactive, switchable smart glass screens, ideal for presentations, conference rooms, classrooms, and many other applications.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the idea of using a switchable glass projection screen, please contact us.