PTNTENG is a professional brand focus on operation, design, and installation of various film products such as architectural films, automotive car films, household films, and advertising films.

  • Safety PET Film: Clear, anti-shock, reduce glare
  • Conserving Energy Layer: Reject IR
  • Pressed Glue: Clear no color changing, strong bonding
  • UV Resist PET Base Cover: Reject over 99% UV
  • Release Film: Scratch protecting, peeling off before application

Photochromic light control film heat insulation film is a kind of heat insulation window film which can intelligently adjust its visible light Visible transmittance with the increase of sunlight intensity, soften the incident light intensity, reduce the glare, and has the characteristics of high heat insulation rate, transmission force, and high UV resistance. The main feature is that under the sunlight, the color will gradually darken, and at the same time, it rejections the heat of the sunlight, and ejections the ultraviolet and infrared rays outside, so that the indoor temperature will not be heated, and at the same time, it can achieve the energy-saving effect. It is often used for building doors and windows, outdoor ceiling, front and back of the car, train, plane windows, cruise ships, and other means of transportation. Photochromic light control film heat insulation film is a new bag of film material heat insulation products, with a huge market prospect!

  • Construction: commercial building, residential, schools, banks, hospitals, airports, hotels, etc.
  • Transportation: cars, high-speed rail, aircraft, cruise ships, etc.